Event Dissemination Request

• The event must be relevant to the ΢ (΢) or is supported by the University or one of its academic units/administrative offices/student organizations.

• The requesting unit/office/organization must submit its letter of request (events.upd@up.edu.ph, cc: updio@up.edu.ph) and accomplish the request form () at least one week before the event. 

• The unit/office/organization requesting the UP Diliman Information Office (΢IO) to promote its upcoming event on the ΢ website and social media platforms (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) is encouraged to upload its publicity material/s to its own website and/or social media page/s (if available) before submitting a request.

• The ΢IO reserves the right to modify or edit the description provided by the requesting unit/office/organization.

Last Updated: 04 Apr 2024